Safety Peeks – Privacy Policy

Safety Peeks Privacy Safeguards
Safety Peeks is an app that can be downloaded voluntarily. With your consent, it exchanges Bluetooth signals with nearby phones running the same app.

This allows you to be informed if you were in physical proximity with an another app user or app recognised device.We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring you have control over your data.

We store limited data
The only identity data we store is:

Your mobile number
A random anonymised User ID e.g. 30dd879c-ee2f-11db-8314-0800200c9a66
When you sign up, a random User ID is generated and associated with your mobile number.
Your verified e-mail address
These are stored in a secure server, and never shown to the public.

We do not archive data about your GPS location on our server. Rather it is only recorded on your local device and will be erased when you uninstall the app.
Safety Peeks uses Bluetooth to approximate your distance to other phones running the same app. We do not collect data about your WiFi or mobile network.

Data about phones near you does not reveal personal identities
When you are close to another phone running Safety Peeks, both phones use Bluetooth to exchange a Temporary ID. This Temporary ID is generated by encrypting the User ID with a private key held by the secure server. It can only be decrypted by app, and does not reveal your identity or the other person’s identity if your settings disables sharing.

Data about phones near you is stored on your phone

You are in control of your data, and can revoke consent any time thru the app settings
You can also revoke consent by emailing with the mobile number or e-mail address you registered in the app.

We will then delete your mobile number and User ID from our server. This renders meaningless all data that your phone has exchanged with other phones, because that data will no longer be associated with you.

Safety Peeks will only communicate with nearby phones when you enable beacons or scan mode.

You can also disable Safety Peeks’ functionality any time by turning the app’s Bluetooth permissions off or deleting the app.

We use anonymised data to improve Safety Peeks
Safety Peeks collects anonymised data about your device and app (e.g. device model, app version) to help us improve the app and provide a better user experience.